60-day "no retail" challenge

Alright. Who's with me? After "Meatless May" I have been itching for another challenge. Proving to myself I can do it just feels so good. And not only that, but it makes a difference for the long-term. Really! Sometimes a detox from your daily habits is exactly what I need to shift my view and make positive changes. After the veg-pledge, I might not be vegetarian, but I've cut back on the bad stuff drastically, and I'm more creative with my meals than before. I eat more veggies, and I think about where my food came from instead of chowing down mindlessly. Just 30 days made a difference.

I've taken June off because I simply didn't prepare for another challenge (it does take some planning). Life got busy, things got crazy.

July 1 begins a new challenge. This one's going to require some creativity, which I think is exactly what I need. NO RETAIL. No buying new. No books, no clothes, no house do-dads, unless I buy them used, swap with people for them, or make them myself. And since I could easily do 30 days by saying, "I'll just wait til Day 31 and buy what I want"... I'm going to extend this to a 60-day challenge. This means if I end up buying that thing I covet on day 61, it's meant to be.

Purchases on the approved list- obviously my monthly bills, groceries, toiletries & cleaning items.

Here's what I'm hoping will happen after 60 days of retail-detox:
  1. I will save a good chunk of money I'd normally spend on semi-disposable objects.
  2. I will save money buying used items over new.
  3. I will re-discover stuff I already own.
  4. I will be jonesin' for new things to wear so maybe I'll finally finish the wardrobe reconstruction projects I'm planning/slowly working on.
  5. I will seriously consider things I buy after the challenge is up- either they will be well-thought-out beforehand, or I will recognize I don't need to buy everything I want.
  6. I will be creative, maybe try my hand at making things I would have bought new, or re-image what I've got in new ways.
If anyone wants to join me, please comment here, or send me an email to kbuelo{at}gmail{dot}com. Also, please share tips for breaking out of the retail habit. :) I will try to post weekly inspiration!

Wish me luck!


Ann E. said...

Great idea! You are inspiring me to do the same!

Ashely said...

I came across your blog a few weeks ago. Yea - I'm in on the fun too!


kellie said...

Awesome, good luck!! This is going to be fun, please feel free to share ideas on your own blogs and send me the links, or comment here as you go!!!