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Quick what-I've-been-up-to/what I've been thinking about post:
  1. Camping for Memorial Day weekend. Fish Lake, UT with Heather and Alan (thanks again, you guys are awesome!); and a quick stop at Capitol Reef for a short hike (Hickman Bridge- that picture above? Beautiful, no? The rest of the photos are up on Flickr.)
  2. Vegetarianism comes easy for me, it turns out. Day 27 and counting. I am committed enough to it, but still seem to be lacking the skills and time to properly PLAN meals, so I've eaten LOTS of garden burgers. I plan to post the month-long experience when the month is up!
  3. My birthday is coming up. And I've been getting questioned about what gift I would like. There are so many little projects I'd love to have the supplies to take on but I cannot narrow it down! I'm thinking about my gallery-style wall, new dining room chairs, or some DIY headboard action. What I'd REALLY like is a trip... to an actual city...
  4. I'm planning to host the girliest shindig ever this summer. I can't wait to have the details ironed out and host it.
  5. Cooking club is going strong and we have an event planned for Friday night {not at my house, but at a house apparently furnished with granite countertops from Heaven}. It's gotten out-of-hand giant, as there are something like 18 people now included {not including dates/spouses that sometimes come}. I'm making strawberry daiquiris... liquor's vegetarian!
  6. First class DONE for my MBA. I start the next one Monday.
  7. Tomorrow's my dad's birthday! And Sadie's, too!
  8. Heading out to yoga in 10 minutes!

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