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wearing week o' may 18

Boring, nothing notable this week, except Thursday's outfit... I made this new necklace Friday evening [my first jewelry-making adventure}:

Since I bought all the jewelry supplies today {pliers and crimp beads and lots of different strands of beads}, this necklace ran me approximately... $62.00. Not exactly saving money with the DIY, but it's super fun.

I also am in dire need of sandals that look good with black skirts, pants and capris. My wedges are wrecked, and everything else I have is either to bad-ass {spiky/teetery and uncomfortable} or too casual for the office. I'm liking something like this from Urban {so it's too bad I'm boycotting them}:

Something similar is the next item on my want-list. Anyone have any recommendations?


Nichole said...

I've been reading your blog and came across your tips for thriftiness. Can you tell me if you dilute Dr. Bronner's Soap with water and by how much? I tried looking for tips on the label, but it's crazy (as I'm sure you've noticed)! It is clogging my hand soap dispensers and causing lots of problems. Do you dilute it for shower use as well? I know this is kind of a crazy, random question, but I would appreciate the info..

kellie said...

Hi Nichole!

Thanks for reading my little blog. I love Dr. Bronner's. In the shower I don't dilute, nor do I as a hand soap. The secret is to use the tiniest amount possible because it's so concentrated and has so much lather!

In hand soap pumps, you can put a rubber band around the spout so it only pushes down a tiny bit, if that helps!

Nichole said...

I'll try the rubber band.