Late last week my desktop computer crashed. EFF EFF EFFitty EFF!

Saturday I took it to the geeks down the road to restore and *hopefully* recover some hard drive contents. Particularly my something like 10,000 mp3s. Over a year ago I went digital with all my music and sold every CD I owned. Luckily I backed up everything on an external hard drive the same day. But since? I've only downloaded my music, and (shamefully) never got around to backing up my music collection or photos. I suck.

Thank goodness for Flickr, and the fact that I actually have been pretty consistent about backing up all my photos. It'd be devastating to have lost all those pictures of jell-o shots.

Guess what I DIDN'T lose? Homework for my Econ class... this is the LAST WEEK of class and I've been working from my laptop since I got it in June.
PURCHASE: VINDICATED! ♥ ♥ ♥ you, new laptop. But I am backing up my school shiz to a thumb drive right now just in case.


katie said...

oh no! That sucks. This reminds me that I really need to update my backups. I'm paranoid. I back up to dvds and external hard drive and, in the case of photos, flickr. yep, paranoid.

kellie said...

good for you for being so diligent about it. i'm soooo irritated with myself. and the geeks- i can't get them to answer the phone to tell me if they fixed it or not!!!